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    Organize your pipeline using tags so that you know exactly where your leads are in the buying process and who to follow-up with. No more leads slipping through the cracks! You'll be managing 5 to 10x more conversations, allowing you to save time and close more deals.

    Send bulk messages to your contacts with a specific tag to promote a freebie, tell them about your new offer or get them excited and signing up for a special discount. Our tools allows you to focus your efforts on your hottest leads without taking hours or even days searching through your contacts to figure out where your leads are in the buying process.

    Free up your valuable time with quicker and stronger messaging using built-in message templates.

    Create templated responses that answer your most frequently asked questions, provide quick links to your landing pages, and so much more. Boost your productivity and navigate your DM conversations with confidence, which means closing more deals with ease!

    Generate leads on Facebook on auto-pilot and without the need for big advertising budgets. Target only your ideal and potential customers using custom keywords that you can save for each ideal client profile.

    Make your leads feel prioritized and remembered by effortlessly and automatically wishing them a happy birthday on their special day.

    Always stay consistent with your content game, sharing value with your potential clients to show up as a credible expert and build know, like, and trust. SMT has a built- in content calendar and allows you to pre-schedule content to your Facebook business page, your Facebook group and even better (and unheard of in the market)...your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE.

    Get maximum exposure while turning your posts into lead-gen and sales machines! Respond to comments on your posts automatically based on keywords to determine which comments gets what auto-responses. Then automatically follow up with people who left a comment via custom DM in FB Messenger to get the conversation going in the right direction.

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